terça-feira, março 06, 2012

The shared room

If something, this trip to New York made me realize how thankful I must be not only that the world exists, but also that I had (and still have) the beautiful chance to meet amazing people. My travel was possible not only by the help of academic life, from CAPES and UFG to OSU, but also by the hand offered by individuals. In this particular case, I really need to thank Morgan by the invitation to share a room with her during this week. More than just help me save money, this offer proved once more that it is OK to trust and help people. 

I look forward for the chance to pay this back, not necessarily to her, and certainly not just as a means to feel free from any kind of debt. This amazing gesture suggests to me the kind of open person I want to be. She had absolutely no reason to go out of her way and deprive herself from privacy by inviting me to share her room and bed. But she did and that added to my faith in life =)

Thank you, Morgan!

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