segunda-feira, novembro 07, 2011

Pink boys

I think in a pretty messed up world. Every time I need to argue about what people's beliefs can do one to another, I remember the last episode of the first season of Skins. The father of the gay boy's best friend is a very rigid muslim who says that it is not up to him to judge the gay boy. He states that he doesn't understand, but has faith in his god and believe that someday he will.

Then a boy wears make-up and some principal says he can't. I mean, the guy runs a school. His actions, more than the ones of most of the ordinary people, will get to uncountable kids out there. Even though, he chooses to be an ass and interrupt perfect opportunities of learning. I don't want to give lessons about gender right now, but let's think what can be learned from a boy who doesn't fit. I can right away think in two questions: first, why? Second, why should he?

To end this post, what about an old but very cool image?

*I got this one from Milkboys.

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vivian dallalba disse...

Curti muito essa imagem ˆˆ algo tão simples e ao mesmo tempo completamente incomum.

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