quarta-feira, novembro 09, 2011

What one can teach?

I teach English to two classmates. They are PhD students and want to learn it in order to travel abroad. As you can probably notice, my English is not exactly perfect. Anyway, I teach them. How is that possible? Well, to explain that, I need to go back to May, when I was trying to decide if I would do a exam for a teaching position at a Federal University in the northeast of the country. I consulted with several professors, and they all said pretty much the same: "do you think you have something to offer to an undergrad student? If you do, you should try this exam".

That's what I think about teaching English: I know I have something to share and I'm not promessing perfect lessons. They are aware of my limitations and choosed to have me as a guide. This is something I can offer.

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