sábado, novembro 05, 2011

This is a first

Actually, is the second. Second what? Post in English. Since I have this blog for five years, now, I decided that instead of starting a new one to contemplate my English-speakers friends, I should just adapt the Anthropomorfic Fox into another language. That's why I created a tag where all the posts in English will be stored.

So, let me introduce myself. My name is Tales, I'm Brazilian and 25yo. I have bachelor in Journalism and I'm doing a master in Visual Culture. Most of the time, I'm gay and man, but since I study sexuality, those boundaries are not exactly rigid. I truly believe in practicing what you study =)
I have a tumblr, which is not safe for work, where you can see (and maybe sometimes, hear) things that touch me, that make me feel something or imagine scenarios. Mainly pornography, but I prefer to call it erotic endeavor.

So, that's a briefing. Anything, just ask me. I intend to post regurlaly, but those five years of blogging have proved that I'm not the most present blogger. Let's what happen, OK?

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